Transition Time at DC Water

Earlier this morning, I notified the DC Water Board of Directors that I plan to step down from my current role as CEO and General Manager effective December 29. After more than 8 years on the job, the time has come for someone new at the helm.

As for me, though I’m hanging up my uniform, I won’t be a stranger to DC Water or our industry. I plan to begin work on a book about transformational leadership in the water sector; assume a role as an adviser to DC Water’s nonprofit affiliate, Blue Drop; and continue to serve on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council and several boards, including the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the U.S. Water Alliance.

This job has been the privilege of a lifetime. I haven’t dug a single trench, turned a single valve or processed a single payment. But I’ve been fortunate to come to work every day with 1,100 men and women who are among the world’s best at what they do. For their work at my side, providing something so essential — indeed, the stuff of life itself — I will always be grateful, almost immeasurably so, to Team Blue.

I am stepping back from a day-to-day role at a water utility, but I’m as committed as ever to the future of the water sector. I will continue to coach future leaders and provide guidance to fellow executives who want to do as we did at DC Water: connect with customers, build a world-class team, drive relentless focus on innovation and achieve the financial security to upgrade infrastructure for future generations.



  • Your leadership at DC Water has been an inspiration to many, including myself. I look forward to your continued role in transforming the water sector and seeing you in the future!

  • George, we are all glad that you will maintain your involvement in the Water Community. You are one of the visionaries and the drivers of innovation in the industry. It has been a pleasure to work with you and i hope to continue working with you as you adopt new roles.

  • To every road that seems to end lies a new path, when one considers to just continue. Good Luck on your new journey I will always remember the message you left me with: “We provide a service so well that no one knows how good we do it.” It is that message I will continue to honor by providing service in that very manner. Thank you for your service.

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