• I received the letter. It did not adequately explain why my relatively small residential home, for my family of 3, with a pipe of 2″, will be charged $84 a month (that’s over $1000 a year!). The people affected by this don’t understand. Can you try again? Please let me know how DC Water can justify charging me (and others like me) that much, in one month.

  • The new fee will increase my montly bill by 300%. This is for an almost new residential property. How is that fair?

  • We live in a 1300 sq. ft. home in the Navy Yard community. Our house is new construction, as such we have a 1” pipe to appropriate water for everyday use and due to DC’s mandate, a 2” pipe for the sprinklers. Our bill fluctuates between $30-50/month. Per that last communication regarding rate increases, we should expect to pay an additional $40-80/month. That doesn’t seem proportionate for a household of 4 in a moderate size, LEED certified home. We agree that it makes sense to fund infrastructure modernization efforts via rates increases. My impression from previous discussions was closer to a 7% increase or an additional $11/month for the average resident. It’s hard to accept the proposed double/triple rate increases that we are slated for effective October 1 is fair or even legal.

  • Mr. Hawkins — I appreciate this opportunity to communicate with you. I want to express my frustration at the unfairness of the Water System Replacement Fee to begin in October.

    I live in a new home (constructed in 2012) in a neighborhood of over 300 such new homes. Our homes are LEED certified and include many water-saving features like HE washers, HE dishwashers, low-use toilets and low-flow showerheads, to name a few. Our homes also were required, by regulation, to have fire sprinkler systems installed, which require the 2 inch lines. So even though our homes are water efficient, we will be assessed $83.75 per month for the new fee. This will cause my monthly water bill to TRIPLE. Surely you will agree, the proposed system is not fair to households like mine.

    I’ve seen a proposal to limit the fee to the 1.5 inch rate ($41.35). However, this too is not fair or equitable as it will double my monthly bill. As DC Water’s own website states, 91% of households have a 1 inch line. Homes like mine, which otherwise could have functioned perfectly well with a 1 inch line but were forced into the 2 inch line by regulation, should not suffer a disproportionate fee.

    I hope you’ll consider revising the fee rules for homes like mine to the 1 inch rate, and that you’ll communicate something to the public about this issue soon.

    – Tom Paquin

  • Hello, I’d like to speak to someone regarding the proposed increases to our water bill relevant to the size of our meters. I live at 330 K St SE, a new construction town home in Capitol Quarter. We were mandated by DC to have a 2″ meter for the purposes of supporting a fire sprinkler system. We are a residential home, with two adults and a small child. We also have a LEED certified home. Bottom line, there is nothing to justify the proposed $80+ increase for a 2″ meter or even the 1.5″ rate based on our monthly usage. I don’t mind helping pay for upgrades to infrastructure but a 200% monthly increase is a tough pill to swallow, even for DC.

  • George,

    Do you ever worry that a by doing a great job in D.C. you might be encouraging federal legislators to not realize how bad the situation really is – when it comes to supporting funding to ensure our water systems are in a state of good repair?

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