• It’s refreshing to see such top notch leadership at a public utility. If this is the biggest mistake they make then we are blessed!

    If you have rath about rates look no further than the Feds who did all this and now have amnesia about fixing the systems.

    George Hawkins for President!!

  • WSRF…can you please explain the authority to grant 100% rebate fee for the WSRF to CAP customers when your own bylaws Section 34-2202.16 (a) says “The Authority shall collect, and abate charges, fees, assessments…” The word ABATE means to reduce in amount or severity – a 100% reduction is not abating it is eliminating. These CAP customers use and abuse the system as much as any customer so why are they EXEMPT from paying the Maintenance costs? It’s DC water ashamed that now over 50% of a bill is taxes, surcharges, and fees of one sort or the other?

    • Thank you for expressing your concern, Mr. Parilo. At DC Water, we believe water really is life and we want to ensure that this essential service is available to our low income customers. This is in step with other service providers. For more information about DOEE’s Utility Discount Program, please visit the program page here: http://doee.dc.gov/udp

  • Thanks George – for eloquently explaining something I have tried to explain to my Board Members in the past – why government struggles to do things as cost effectively as private business – the fear of failure and worse yet, prosecution for not following the rules!

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