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The GM and the Engineer

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One topic that many commented on after the NY Times article is whether a General Manager of a water and sewer utility should be an engineer. Some of the comments were nasty toward me, since I am clearly not an engineer. I take no offense at the anger and believe the question is a fair

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Invitation to the Inside of Change


I offer my greetings to those of you visiting this still-new blog from the NY Times article about my work at the DC Water and Sewer Authority. Charles Duhigg’s series certainly captures the extraordinary importance, usually overlooked, of the pipes, valves and pumps beneath our feet — and the water and sewer facilities we rely

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New York Times Profile

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Charles Duhigg highlights the challenges of managing aging urban water infrastructures on the front page of today’s New York Times. Profiled is one George S. Hawkins of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority! Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would be Costly (New York Times, 03/15/10)  Also, a shout-out from Rose George, author

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