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Response to Misleading Washington Post Story

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Today’s Washington Post report, “Congressional report prompts fear and anger over lead in D.C. water” could easily lead our customers to draw improper conclusions about the safety of our tap water today. DC WASA has provided a clear message to our customers about years of progress in reducing lead in District households to very low

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Clean Water Agenda: LTCP vs LID


I shared the podium yesterday with Bob Perciasepe, the Deputy Administrator of the USEPA, at the National Environmental Policy Forum hosted by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). Although we did not plan our presentations together in advance, our messages are remarkably similar. The similarity flows from an understanding that we live at

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Skip the Bag


Much has been written about the Bag Bill in Washington, DC. I feel fortunate to have been involved, including giving testimony on the Bill as the District representative, and helping devise the implementation scheme while I was still at DDOE. Alan Heymann developed the brilliant “Skip the Bag, Save the River” campaign, which has become

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The GM and the Engineer

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One topic that many commented on after the NY Times article is whether a General Manager of a water and sewer utility should be an engineer. Some of the comments were nasty toward me, since I am clearly not an engineer. I take no offense at the anger and believe the question is a fair

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