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Letter to Speaker

Upon hearing the news that new House Speaker John Boehner wished to cut his chamber’s operating budget, George suggested that $760,000 of bottled water every year might be a good place to start.

2011.01.06 Letter Re Bottled Water
Budget cuts are all in the water (CNN, 01/07/2011)
DC Water asks Congress to give up the bottle (We Love DC, 01/07/2011)
DC Water Bottles Congress (NBC Washington, 01/06/2011)
D.C. Water Offers Congress Free Reusable Bottles (DCist, 01/06/2011)


  • This is a great move! I hope you will post his response, as you will undoubtedly get one. Bottled water in all legislative offices is so excessive. Get your counterpart in Harrisburg to write a similar letter, for goodness' sake!

  • I certainly commend this effort to reduce the amount of bottled water purchased by our Representatives in Washington. We at Blue Reserve Water have just switched an office in the House over to our purified water cooler, reducing their water cost and their environmental impact. I look forward to being able to work with more offices in Washington for similar initiatives.

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