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  • I am sorry I missed your appearance on the Kojo Nnamdi show. I have just experienced interaction with DC WASA for the first time. My bill was overdue and my water was turned off without any prior notification. In addition, the water was turned off after 5 pm on Wednesday, March 24, and, of course, customer service closes at 5 pm. After speaking initially with Ms. Lashaun Jones on March 24 around 8 pm, I spoke with her supervisor, Ms. Gibson, after 10 pm and told her that I had paid my bill on-line and she promised to try and have the water turned back on that night. It is clear by now that she had no intention of helping me. I explained in detail the medical and health issues which necessitated my calls. The very unhygienic condition of not being able to flush the toilets or wash my hands could very easily cause an infection to develop which made my request an emergency situation. This morning, March 25, it was almost 5 am and I had been waiting and checking to see if the water had been turned back on.

    The lack of cooperation I experienced from Ms. Jones and her supervisor, Ms. Gibson, was and is astonishing to me. I was only told over and over what couldn't be done even though both Ms. Gibson and Ms. Jones acknowledged that there are, of course, persons on duty at all times who could turn the water on. Neither Ms. Jones nor Ms. Gibson ever expressed a willingness to try to assist me.

    It is now Thursday after 6 pm and my water is only a trickle. One thing Mrs. Gibson did promise last night was that it would be turned on today after 8 am if not last night.

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