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GM/CEO George Hawkins recently appeared on the Diane Rehm Show and the Kojo Nnamdi Show to discuss the Flint water crisis, the state of drinking water in America and the cost to repair the US’s water infrastructure. Ed.

Diane Rehm Show – “Beyond Flint: The Safety Of America‚Äôs Tap Water”

Kojo Nnamdi Show – “The Safety Of Local Water Supplies”


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  • Hi George:

    Your resume and journey is of leadership quality that others need to aspire for igniting the next generation for preserving, protecting and promoting our valuable natural resources and obligations to our environment as good stewards. I hope to meet with you to share what we are launching for the health of the Bay and as a model for sustainability. Its called ISNRP ( IN Situ Nutrient Remediation Program) using the annual harvesting of aquaculture oysters and quantitative analysis model to provide transparent, certified and validated N/P and soon sediment and carbon offset credits that are modeled and measured as another important “tool” for restoring the balance of the eutrophic conditions in our watersheds. It has already been approved by DEQ in Virginia and is working its way through EPA as a BMP. Lets talk! All the best. Tolar Nolley, Founder OCVA, LLC

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