Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted


Ice Bucket Challenge on top of Fort Reno Reservoir’s green roof. Photo by Andy Le.

I was hoping I might survive the Ice Bucket Challenge craze unscathed, but my luck ran out when my good friend Julius Ciaccia challenged me. Ciaccia, as we call him, is the Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD). He really set the bar very high when he took the challenge – using effluent from one of NEORSD’s wastewater treatment centers. What a great, creative  way to highlight the incredible contribution wastewater treatment makes to clean water every day!

Dewatering shaft for the Clean Rivers Project. Photo by David Kidd.

To try and top that, we first thought of going deep into the new dewatering shaft here at Blue Plains, but then again, maybe dropping ice water on my head from 100+ feet in the air wouldn’t be such a great idea.

So, then we decided to go up instead – on top of one of our water reservoirs where we recently installed a green roof. Green roofs and other green infrastructure capture rainwater and reduce runoff into our storm drains and sewer system, which in turn can reduce combined sewer overflows into our rivers.

So, here it goes, bring on the ice!

And in case you missed it, here is Ciaccia’s original challenge posted on NEORSD’s Facebook page.


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