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Vice President Gore

I went to a reception with Vice President Gore at GW on Thursday evening, followed by a talk by him of his new book on choices. He looks almost exactly the same from when I worked for him back in 1997 – and seems happy and content with his mission on Global Warming. I thought his speech was both inspiring and somewhat lackluster at the same time. Much of his presentation seemed to go over fairly familiar ground – although I found the discussion of how soot in the air in the region surrounding northern India and China to be fascinating. Apparently, the soot settles and makes the ice and snow less reflective of sunlight – causing a vast amount of energy to be absorbed into the group rather than radiated back into space! I was disappointed that he did not turn to choices and solutions we can make as people to confront this issue until the end, and then only in passing. My view of much of his work is that it is very good at highlighting the problems, but weak in outlining solutions that are anything near up to the task at hand. On the other hand, his call to action was deeply stirring, which is ironic given the popular notion that he is not a very electric speaker. We all stood and cheered at the end. Gosh, he would have made a great President. Too bad he wasn’t as centered during the campaign.

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