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  • Hi,
    I wanted to let you know that I recently received superb customer service from Geneva and Erica, two of your staff in the emergency services department. I reached the department a couple of weeks ago to report that a plumber had told me that my running trap had collapsed and that the city would dig it out and install a clean out. I had never heard of any city sewer service to address a sewer backup but gamely called the number I was given.

    The first person I reached at emergency services was Erica, who took the information and said she would get someone out to look at the trap. Within an hour(!) a crew of two arrived. It took them all of two minutes to confirm the problem. They said they would return to dig the trap out in the next few days.

    After a week had gone by and no crew had shown up, I called Erica again. She explained that the schedule for repairs was determined by the degree of urgency and that my problem was not urgent as it had temporarily been resolved by the plumber.

    To my surprise and gratitude, however, the crew appeared the next day. Twelve hours later the work was completed. I was told another contractor would come to replace the brick work and concrete that had been dug up.

    I called emergency services again, fearing that the follow up would never take place. This time I spoke to Geneva, who advised me there was a permit process that could take a couple of months. I decided to also report on a mass of asphalt and dug up bricks on the sidewalk in front of my house (actually two doors down adjacent to the police substation)as a result of a WASA repair last January. Geneva couldn't find a record of the work but promised to search further and to call me back.

    Four days later the crew arrived to do the brick and concrete repairs on my house, and Geneva called to say that a Mr. Manzini (sp?) had found the records of the sidewalk work and would get a crew out to do that repair. While the latter repair has not yet been done, I have a high degree of confidence that it will.

    I have been bowled over by the responsiveness and assiduous follow up to my calls. You should hold up WASA's emergency services department as the benchmark for what good customer service looks like.

    Congratulations to you and your staff and all the best. I sincerely hope the change in administration does not alter the leadership at WASA.


    Traer Sunley
    514 E Street SE
    WDC 20003
    202 546 2552

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