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Listen:D.C. Water General Manager George Hawkins (WAMU, 12/23/14)
CardinalWuerl blesses ‘Nannie,’ DC Water’s new tunnel boring machine (Catholic Standard, 12/23/14)
D.C. Water unveils machine to help clean-up Anacostia River (WTOP, 12/12/14)
Governing Magazine’s Public Officials of the Year (Governing, 11/20/14)
Jonetta Rose Barras: No honeymoon for Muriel Bowser (Washington Post, 11/5/14)
EPA Administrator Says Nation Must Prepare For Climate Change, Fight Nutrient Pollution (Bloomberg News, 9/30/14)
Report On U.S. Freshwater Crisis Released At Water Conference (WWNO, 9/29/14)
A New Breed of Muni Bond Is Financing Climate Change Adaptation (Next City, 9/26/14)
GM George Hawkins takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (YouTube, 9/9/14)
The Next Generation of Water Leaders Learn by Example (WEF Highlights, 8/28/14)
Water Utilities Are Starting to Take Their Own Conservation Advice (Governing, 8/1/14)
The Kennedy Street NW Sewage Leak That Won’t Go Away (Washington City Paper, 7/28/14)
Culture Change at the Waterworks (Governing, 7/23/14)
D.C. Water Bonds Ride Best Long-Debt Gain Since ’12: MuniCredit (Bloomberg News, 7/14/14)
D.C. Water Considers First-Ever Century Bond by a Public Utility (Governing, 6/20/14)
D.C. Fire: ‘Please leave fire hydrants alone’ (WJLA, 6/18/14)
D.C. Water: Don’t use hydrants to cool off this summer (WTOP, 6/17/14)
Washington DC to Improve Water Efficiency and Management, (Environmental Protection, 5/29/14)
DC Water, Washington Aqueduct and Veolia Partner in Nation’s Capital to Save up to$12 Million Per Year Through Efficiencies in Water Production Management (Wall Street Journal, 5/29/14)
D.C.Water Hopes New Tunnels Will Make It Easier To Be Green (WAMU, 5/2/14)
DC Water Innovates To Meet $4B Expansion Needs (Engineering News-Record, 4/14/14)
D.C. Water Adopts System To Make Power, Fertilizer (CBS Baltimore, 4/13/14)
DC Water adopts Norway’s Cambi system for making power and fine fertilizer from sewage (The Washington Post, 4/5/14)
Water agency cites need to upgrade equipment: Infrastructure age blamed for pressure loss (The North West Current, 3/19/14)
Massive water tower planned for St. E’s, but artsy enclosure wins no fans(Washington Business Journal, 3/10/14)
An engineering marvel, ‘Lady Bird’ tunnels below Washington (USA Today, 3/9/14)
About 1,000 in DC under boil-water order (WTOP, 3/7/14)
Boiling water advisory remains in effect for parts of upper Northwest Washington (Washington Post, 3/6/14)
WWEMA’s 2014 Washington Forum to cover regulatory, legislative framework opportunities (Water World, 3/4/14)
D.C.effort to clean rivers goes underground (Boston Globe, 2/23/14)
DC Water chief dives into hydraulic fracturing debate (E&E Publishing, 2/26/14)
D.C. Water ‘not trying to drag feet’ in moving out of Capitol Riverfront (Washington Business Journal, 2/20/14)
Meet Lady Bird, a massive machine digging out a solution to D.C. wastewater woes (Washington Post, 2/18/14)
Fracking in George Washington National Forest could threaten D.C. area drinking water (Washington Post, 2/1/14)
Green modifications proposed to D.C. clean-water plan; environmentalists are skeptical (Washington Post, 1/28/14)
DC Water Proposal Would Swap Tunnels for Green Infrastructure (Washington City Paper, 1/23/14)
Proposed fracking in national forest meets broad opposition (LA Times, 1/23/14)
Green Infrastructure projects selected to receive $1 million from DC Water (Elevation DC, 1/17/14)
Cleaning up (The Advocate, 1/7/14)


Calculating the Costs: Utilities Highlight Need for Rate Hikes, Investment in Infrastructure Development (Water World, 12/12/13)
Potential funding mechanism for water projects divides experts as Congress seeks WRDA compromise (E&E Daily, 12/12/13)
Go inside the giant tunnel now being dug under Southwest D.C. (Washington Post,11/27/13)
Council Members Urged to Pursue Green Solutions to Storm Water Overflow Problem (WESA,11/19/13)
WWEMA2013: State of water utility sector, business of water discussed at annual meeting (Water World, 11/18/13)
American Water Summit 2013 to be held in Washington, D.C.Nov. 5-6 (Water Technology, 10/21/13)
Drinking Water Customers in Nation’s Capital to Benefit from Consulting Evaluation of Wholesale Drinking Water Supplier (, 10/10/13)
DC Water Approves Contract To Build First Street Tunnel In Bloomingdale (DCist, 10/4/13)
$14MDC Water odor & toilet project on National Park Service land still stinks (WUSA9, 10/1/13)
DC Water Chief Urges Agriculture Secretary Not to Allow Fracking Near D.C. (Washington City Paper, 9/20/13)
What!? A Charismatic, Public Drinking Water Manager (Counter Punch, 7/25/13)
D.C.Water lobbied for stormwater exemption (Washington Times, 7/22/13)
PC Construction wins $215 million joint venture project to hep DC Water with Clean Rivers (Vermont Biz, 7/22/13)
Prince George’s water shut-off averted (Washington Post, 7/17/13)Residents urged to beat the heat without opening fire hydrants (The District Chronicles 7/2/2013)
D.C. Spent Estimated $5 Million to Repair Sinkhole ( 6/7/2013)
How Blue Plains treats wastewater (WTOP Radio 6/4/2013)
Bringing Clean Air Back to C&O Canal (NBC 4 6/4/2013)
Sewer Gas Scrubbers Reduce Odors Along C&O Canal (Georgetown Patch 6/4/2013)
Sinkhole to Close D.C. Streets Through Friday (W. Post 5/28/2013)
Downtown Sinkhole Blamed on Blocked Storm Drain (W. City Paper 5/28/2013)
Ward 2 Debates D.C. Water Project (The Hoya, 03/15/2013)
Growing U.S. water infrastructure needs and the design-build approach (Water Technology, 03/11/2013)
Lucky Seven (WE&T Magazine, January 2013)
A Cleaner Water Act (Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Winter 2013)
Water-main breaks fall slightly in 2012 (Washington Post, 01/03/2013)


Mayor Gray, D.C. Water against council plan to reimburse Northwest flood victims (Washington Post, 12/15/2012)
Cleaning the waterways of Washington (Washington Post, 12/08/2012)
D.C. offers new plan to divert storm runoff before it floods Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park (Washington Post, 12/06/2012) 
Faster flood relief (Washington Post, 12/06/2012)
City Plans to Use McMillan Site to Divert Bloomingdale Floodwater (Washington City Paper, 12/06/2012)
D.C. Offers Plan to Deal with Neighborhood Flooding (WRC-TV, 12/07/2012)
Plan proposed to stop residential flooding in Bloomingdale neighborhood (WJLA-TV, 12/07/2012)
DC offers plan to deal with flooding in Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park neighborhoods (WTTG-TV, 12/07/2012)
New Project May Solve Problem in Flood-Prone Neighborhood (WUSA-TV, 12/07/2012)
D.C. Offers Solution to Bloomingdale Flooding: Big Tanks Under McMillan (DCist, 12/07/2012)
Update on Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park Flooding Mitigation (PoPville, 12/07/2012)
Flooding relief for Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park on fast pace (, 12/07/2012)
D.C. debates best path to cleaner waterways (Washington Post, 12/02/2012)
Sewage Backups Mean $1 Trillion Bill for Leaking U.S. Pipes (Bloomberg, 11/08/2012)
To our DC Water customers Drink the Water, But Don’t Go Swimming Yet (WRC-TV, 11/01/2012)
Surviving the Superstorm – Day Three (WAMU-FM, 10/31/2012)
D.C. region returns to normal, but flooding is a concern (Washington Post,10/31/2012)
Where does the water go? (Greater Greater Washington, 10/31/2012)
A return to normal for Washington after Sandy (Washington Times, 10/31/2012)
If Only the Entire D.C. Government Could Explain Things Through the Magic of Cartoons (DCist, 10/31/2012)
Sorry, Bloomingdale. You’re Not Out of the Water Yet (Washington City Paper, 10/30/2012
Bloomingdale: Not Flooded by Hurricane Sandy (DCist, 10/30/2012)
DC-area residents recovering from aftermath of Sandy (WTTG-TV, 10/30/2012)
Dire Predictions Give Way to Minor Damage (The Georgetown dish, 10/30/2012)
Hurricane Sandy: District tips and information (Washington Post, 10/29/2012)
East Coast States and D.C. Preparing for ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy (Circle of Blue, 10/29/2012)
Hurricane Sandy: DC Shelters, Closures and Transportation (WTTG-TV, 10/29/2012)
Obama: Hurricane Sandy Is A ‘Serious and Big Storm’ (Huffington Post, 10/28/2012)
Storm or not, some report for duty (Washington Times, 10/28/2012)
Gray: Storm is ‘unlike anything our region has experienced in a very long time’ (Washington Times, 10/28/2012)
Hurricane Sandy: D.C. Mayor Gray calls for immediate preparations (Washington Post, 10/28/2012)
D.C. Public Schools Closed Monday, Other Preparations Being Made for Hurricane Sandy (DCist, 10/28/2012)
Wastewater Plants Extract Nutrients from Sewage (Voice of America, 10/23/2012) 
Wastewater Plants Extract Nutrients from Sewage – Part 2 (Voice of America, 10/23/2012)
McMillan Development: Underwater Again? (Washington City Paper, 09/26/2012)
Can the McMillan Site Help Solve Flooding in Bloomingdale (Washington Post, 09/26/2012)
NE Boundary Sewer Is More Complex Than Described (Ward 5 Heartbeat, Fall 2012)
Solution to Sewer Overflows Will Come At Last to Bloomingdale (Ward 5 Heartbeat, Fall 2012)
D.C. knew of problems cited in massive Bloomingdale flooding (DC Examiner, 09/26/2012)
Bloomingdale Residents Discuss Flooding With City Officials (WJLA-TV, 09/25/2012)
Hearing Addresses Bloomingdale Flooding (WTTG-TV, 09/25/2012)
Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park Dodge Flooding Bullet This Time (WAMU-FM, 09/10/2012)
Schumer declares ‘peace’ on inaugural water war (Washington Post, 09/04/2012)
UPDATE: Congress, Tap Water, Bottled Water, and the Inauguration of the Next President (Huffington Post, 09/04/2012)
Bloomingdale Floods Again (WRC-TV, 09/04/2012)
Bloomingdale Neighborhood Preps for More Floods (WJLA-TV, 09/04/2012)
Director of D.C. Water Dept. Talks About Bloomingdale Flooding (WUSA-TV, 09/03/2012)
McDuffie adamant about emergency funds as Bloomingdale floods (Washington Times, 09/03/2012)
D.C. Water to Congress: Tap water at the inauguration, please (Washington Post, 08/23/2012)
DC Water to Congress: Tap Water Isn’t Good Enough? (WRC-TV, 08/23/2012)
DC Water Boils Over Charles Schumer Position (Roll Call, 08/23/2012)
D.C. miffed that Congress doesn’t trust tap water for inauguration (Politico, 08/23/2012)
DC Water Wants Its Place at Next Year’s Presidential Inauguration (DCist, 08/23/2012)
DC Officials Want Tap Water At Inauguration (Associated Press, 08/23/2012)
DC Water urges Congress to serve tap water at presidential inauguration (Associated Press, 08/23/2012)
U.S. city water infrastructure built before the Civil War (Smart Planet, 08/20/2012)
Aging City Pipes in Need of a Plumber’s Touch (NPR, 08/17/2012)
Something in the Water: Can “made with D.C. tap water” become a successful marketing slogan? (Washington City Paper, 08/10/2012)
Bloomingdale Preps for More Flooding (WRC-TV, 07/24/2012)
George Hawkins, Washington, D.C. Water’s general manager, searching for Answers in repeated flooding area (WUSA-TV, 07/20/2012)
DC Water Addresses Sewer Back-Ups in Bloomingdale, Flood-prone Areas (WUSA-TV, 07/20/2012)
Sandbags Available at RFK Stadium After DC Flooding (WUSA-TV, 07/20/2012)
Bloomingdale homes flood again, D.C. Water responds (WJLA-TV, 07/20/2012)
D.C. Water Outlines Short-Term Responses to Bloomingdale Flooding (DCist, 07/20/2012)
McDuffie: Bloomingdale Neighborhood Needs Help Now (Washington Times, 07/23/2012)
Dealing With Flooding in Bloomingdale (Prince of Petworth, 07/23/2012)
Tap vs. bottled (CommonWealth Magazine, Summer 2012)
Water bills to more than double in D.C. (DC Examiner, 05/23/2012)
Is city tap water better than bottled water? (SmartPlanet, 04/03/2012)
DC Water head underscores outreach as revenues hold (American Water Intelligence, April 2012)
Cities Tout Municipal Tap Water as Better Than Bottled (Governing, April 2012)
Managing a Water System With Savvy — and Verve (Washington Post Writers Group, 02/10/2012)
Shaping the City: (Re)Building Sustainable Infrastructure (WAMU-FM, 01/19/2012)
“Inside One City” (DC Office of Cable Television, 01/10/2012)
DC Clean Rivers Project Digs Into a Dirty Problem (East of the River, January 2012 – PDF)
General Manager Hawkins on Infrastructure (WPFW-FM, 01/04/2012)
Billions needed to upgrade America’s leaky water infrastructure (Washington Post, 01/03/2012)


To clean the rivers, tunnels aren’t the only solution (Washington Post, 10/13/2011)
D.C. Officials: Sewage Project Will Raise Rates, Bring Jobs (WAMU-FM, 10/13/2011)
D.C. Breaks Ground On $2.6 Billion Sewage Tunnel (WAMU-FM, 10/12/2011)
The Biggest Infrastructure Project You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Huffington Post, 10/12/2011)
D.C. Water Breaks Ground on Massive Tunnel Project (DCist, 10/12/2011)
D.C. area readies for Hurricane Irene recovery efforts (DC Examiner, 08/27/2011)
D.C.’s “Most Unusual Week” Continues (WRC-TV, 08/26/2011)
Gray says D.C. is ‘as ready as we can be’ for Irene (Washington Times, 08/26/2011)
State-by-state developments related to Hurricane Irene (, 08/26/2011)
Heat pops pipes nationwide; brace for higher bills (CNN, 08/14/2011)
DC Water GM Says Ruling Could Affect Water Bills (WAMU-FM, 07/26/2011)
Anacostia River Cleanup Ordered (WJLA-TV, 07/26/2011)
Federal Judge Mandates Better Clean Up Standards for Anacostia River (WTTG-TV, 07/26/2011)
Local officials worry that TMDL actions are much too costly (Bay Journal, June/July 2011)
D.C. Drinking Water Satisfies Standards But Quality Can Vary (WAMU-FM, 06/21/2011)
Report: D.C. Tap Water “Safe, Reliable” (DCist, 06/21/2011)
DC Water News Release: 2010 Drinking Water Quality Report Published (, 06/21/2011)
TapIt brings free water bottle refills to D.C. (, 06/02/2011)
D.C. Business Offer Free Refills on Water Bottles (WAMU-FM, 06/02/2011)
Free Water Refills at Over 60 D.C. Restaurants (WRC-TV, 06/02/2011)
Georgetown Businesses, DC Water and TapIt Encourage Use of Reusable Water Bottles (, 06/01/2011)
D.C. partnership offers free water in city restaurants (WTOP-FM, 06/01/2011)
Innovation is the Name of the Game at Autovation Host Utility DC Water (Utilimetrics Blog, 05/20/2011)
D.C. Water’s tunnel vision, with green in mind (Washington Post, 05/19/2011)
D.C. Wastewater Treatment Plant to Make Electricity from Waste (WAMU-FM, 05/17/2011)
DC Water to become area’s largest green energy producer (NewsChannel 8, 05/17/2011)
U.S. Water Prize (Clean Water Alliance, 05/09/2011)
Next Step: Finding A Car Which Runs On Water (DCist, 05/04/2011)
DC Adds Hybrids to Offset Gas Prices (WRC-TV, 05/03/2011)
DC Appleseed urges federal help to clean up Anacostia (Washington Post, 05/02/2011)
DC Water chief turns on the public diplomacy to make tap hip again (Washington Post, 04/20/2011)
Cartoons Not Just For Saturday Mornings (DCist, 04/12/2011)
True grit: Gene plays dirty in his attempt to one-up Dave Barry (Washington Post, 04/10/2011)
Happy World Water Day! (Keen for Green, 03/28/2011
US Strengthens Support for Global Clean Water (Epoch Times, 03/22/2011)
The 3-Minute Interview: George Hawkins (Washington Examiner, 03/17/2011)
The Awesome, Humbling Challenge (Smart Global Health, 03/16/2011)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (Chesapeake Bay Program, 03/16/2011)
Live Chat with George Hawkins of DC Water (Greater Greater Washington, 03/15/2011)

IBM Pulse: Enterprises need to differentiate big and little data (, 03/02/2011)
IBM Software Powers Smart Utilities and Buildings (InformationWeek, 03/01/2011)
D.C. Water eyes rate hike (WAMU-FM, 02/18/2011)
D.C. Water approves rate increase (Washington Post, 02/17/2011)
Water Woes: Rate Hikes May Be on Tap (WRC-TV, 02/17/2011)
House of Representatives Still Drinking Bottled Water, Costing U.S. Nearly $1 Million a Year (, 02/10/2011)
Will Congress Stop Spending $860,00 a Year on Bottled Water? (, 02/10/2011)
Progress! House Members Call for Bottled Water Spending Cuts (, 02/08/2011)
EHN to Congress: Bottled Water is for Suckers (Washington City Paper, 02/08/2011)
Water is Life (Princeton Environmental Institute, 01/19/2011)
Experts: U.S. water infrastructure in trouble (CNN, 01/19/2011)
Advancing Water Sector Technology (Public Works, January 2011)
The Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU-FM, 01/10/2011)
Budget cuts are all in the water (CNN, 01/07/2011)
DC Water asks Congress to give up the bottle (We Love DC, 01/07/2011)
DC Water Bottles Congress (NBC Washington, 01/06/2011)
D.C. Water Offers Congress Free Reusable Bottles (DCist, 01/06/2011)
It’s Similar South of the Border (Water Canada, January/February 2011)


EPA urges testing for chemical in tap water (Washington Post, 12/23/2010)
GM at DC Chamber of Commerce (DC Cable 16, 12/16/2010)
Study of D.C. water sharpens understanding of lead threat (Washington Post, 12/13/2010)
Water Main Breaks (TBD-TV, 12/08/2010)
Eight Water Main Breaks in 24 Hours (WUSA-TV, 12/08/2010)
Drinking water debacle deals a blow to CDC, EPA (Washington Post, 12/04/2010)
CDC: Partial pipe replacement didn’t cut lead risk (BusinessWeek, 12/03/2010)
Lead-Contaminated Water in DC (WTTG-TV, 12/03/2010)
‘No crisis’ in D.C. water (Washington Post, 12/03/2010)
General Manager of DC Water Discusses Recent Report of Lead Contamination (WAMU-FM, 12/02/2010)
Online Chat with General Manager George Hawkins (Washington Post, 12/02/2010)
CDC Reverses D.C. Water-Lead Findings (WRC-TV, 12/02/2010)
Report: D.C. water may have high levels of lead (WTOP-FM, 12/02/2010)
CDC Report: D.C.’s Water May Still Contain Lead (DCist, 12/02/2010)
CDC Report Finds Lead Contamination in D.C. Water (WAMU-FM, 12/02/2010)
Officials try to ease alarm about lead in D.C. water (Washington Post, 12/02/2010)
Lead may be leaching into thousands of District homes (Washington Post, 12/02/2010)
DC Water chief: right place, right time (American Water Intelligence, November 2010)
Does WMATA Need a CEO (We Love DC, 11/16/2010)
Where Your Water Goes: Part II (Georgetown Patch, 11/15/2010)
Things I Learned at the American Water Summit (Global Water Intelligence, 11/11/2010)
Fox 5 Investigates: Private Hydrants (WTTG-TV, 11/10/2010)
DCEN Report: Why the Federal Government Should Pay the District’s Stormwater Fee (DC Environmental Network, 11/10/2010)
DC Water’s Blue Plains (We Love DC, 11/09/2010)
Where Your Water Goes: Part I (Georgetown Patch, 11/08/2010)
Wendy the Waterdrop: Our New Favorite Anthropomorphized Reporter (DCist, 10/26/2010)
Nearly 2,700 Serve During Second Annual Freshman Day of Service (George Washington University, September 2010 – PDF)
Brand New Look (Treatment Plant Operator, November 2010)
Federal government refuses to pay D.C. stormwater fee (Washington Post, 10/18/2010)
“Dozens” of Birds Die Near Blue Plains (WRC-TV, 10/07/2010)
New Blue Plains Permit to Cut Nitrogen Outputs 45 Percent (Bay Journal, 10/01/2010)
Is the Government Trying to Weasel Out of Paying Water Taxes (Infrastructurist, 10/01/2010)
Anacostia Cleanup Goal at Issue (Washington Post, 09/27/2010)
Sunday Questions with George Hawkins (DCist, 09/26/2010)
Homeowners to be charged more for water service (WTOP-FM, 09/16/2010)
EPA permit calls for slashing nitrogen outputs (Associated Press, 09/10/2010
Potomac River Cleaner but Wastewater Upgrades Still Needed (Environmental News Service, 09/10/2010)
EPA Wants Reduction from Bay’s Top Nitrogen Source (WJZ-TV, 09/10/2010)
An environmentalist says Gray is greener (Greater Greater Washington, 09/07/2010)
Potomac River now healthier than in ’50s, study shows (Washington Post, 09/07/2010)
Insiders Guide: George Hawkins — General Manager, DC Water (Cultural Tourism DC, 08/17/2010)
Briefing on Water Trust Fund Garners Significant Interest on Capitol Hill (Water Infrastructure Network, 08/12/2010)
Water Main Break Causes Flooded Streets in Northwest DC (WTTG-TV, 07/28/2010)
Billions Needed to Replace Water Mains (WUSA-TV, 07/12/2010)
Federal government balks at paying D.C. sewer charge (Washington Post, 07/05/2010)
DC Water Would Like You to Please Not Break Fire Hydrants (Washington City Paper, 06/24/2010)
Federal Government to Shove Stormwater Costs on District Residents (DCist, 06/23/2010)
Where does your DC Water come from? (Greater Greater Washington, 06/22/2010)
Re-Introducing D.C. Water (DCist, 06/21/2010)
Go green and save money by filtering your tap water (NBC Today Show, 06/21/2010)
DC WASA now DC Water (Park View DC, 06/18/2010)
Storytime with George Hawkins: Lead Scares, Boiled Water Alerts, and DC Water as More Than a Utility (Washington City Paper, 06/18/2010)
DC Water’s George Hawkins looks to the future (We Love DC, 06/18/2010)
DC WASA is now DC Water (The Hill is Home, 06/18/2010)
Farm lobby must step aside, because the Chesapeake Bay can wait no longer (Washington Post, 06/17/2010)
D.C. water agency rinses off a lead-stained name (Washington Post, 06/16/2010)
D.C. Water Gets a Makeover (WRC-TV, 06/15/2010)
Glass May Be Half Full for DC Water (WAMU-FM, 06/15/2010)
Goodbye D.C. WASA, Hello ‘D.C. Water’ (Washington Post, 06/15/2010)
How your water bill affects your commute (Washington Post, 06/03/2010)
WASA General Manager George Hawkins talks about the new report of drinking water safety (NewsChannel 8, 05/24/2010)
CDC Hammered in Congress Over Lead Report (WUSA-TV, 05/20/2010)
CDC Used Bad Data to Claim DC Water Safe (WTTG-TV, 05/20/2010)
Report: CDC Used Bad Data to Claim DC Water Safe (Associated Press, 05/20/2010)
Can We Put Some Febreze on the Canal? (WRC-TV, 05/20/2010)
Bridging the water divide: It’s not only about taste (Washington Post, 05/18/2010)
D.C. set to tunnel its way out of sewage overflows (Chesapeake Bay Journal, 05/06/2010)
St. E’s gets basic necessity – and museum to honor it (Washington Business Journal, 04/30/2010)
In D.C., the right questions about water safety (Washington Post, 04/27/2010)
Feds fail to fork over millions in fees (WTOP-FM, 04/27/2010)
Best New Hire 2010: George S. Hawkins (Washington City Paper, 03/25/2010)
The Kojo Nnamdi Show: DC’s Hidden Infrastructure (WAMU-FM, 03/24/10)
Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would be Costly (New York Times, 03/15/10)
Snowstorms Triple Trash in Anacostia River (WTTG-TV, 03/8/2010)
Residents asked to clear snowed-in storm drains (WTOP-FM, 02/17/2010)
More Than You Want to Know about the Eco-Impact of Snowmelt (Washington City Paper, 02/18/2010)
Fire hydrant repairs could cost D.C. millions more (DC Examiner, 02/18/2010)
Anacostia River shows decades-long failure to improve water quality, ecosystem (Washington Post, 02/02/10)
Water main bursts in downtown D.C., disrupting traffic (Washington Post, 01/12/2010)
Water Main Breaks in Dupont Circle Area (WTTG-TV, 01/10/2010)
Big water main break hits Dupont Circle (Washington Post, 01/10/2010)
Group Suggests Residents Use Water Filters (WUSA-TV, 12/18/2009)
Northwest DC Residents Asked to Boil Water as Precaution (WJLA-TV, 12/07/2009)
Ride Along with DC’s Hydrant Patrol (WRC-TV, 11/24/2009)
IBM and DC WASA Flow Technology into Washington, D.C.’s Water and Sewer System (PR Newswire, 11/19/2009)
DC Residents and Officials Unclog Storm Drains (WUSA-TV, 11/12/2009)
Hawkins’ “Cowboys and Spacemen” (The Cauldron, 11/02/2009)
WASA General Manager on Fox 5 Morning News (WTTG-TV, 10/28/2009)
Steel Water Pipes May Need Replacing (WTTG-TV, 10/28/2009)
Fire That Destroyed D.C. Mansion and Art Ruled Accidental (Washington Post, 10/20/2009)
Actions Taken To Keep Homes with Low Water Pressure Safe (WJLA-TV, 10/19/2009)
Metro Connection (WAMU-FM, 10/09/2009)
Interim D.C. Environment Director Named (Washington Business Journal, 10/09/2009)
PRINCETON AREA: Scenes: Watershed FEST celebrates ‘Green & Growing’ at 60 (, 10/09/2009)
Agency, D.C. to Collaborate on Watersheds, Green Programs (Environmental Protection, 10/05/2009)
Environmentalism in the District of Columbia (WAMU-FM, 09/21/2009)
Are Our Playgrounds and Parking Lots Safe? (Oak Hill Gazette, 09/16/2009)
George Hawkins’ Move Leaves D.C. Without Its Green Guru (Washington Business Journal, 09/11/2009)
New General Manager for DC WASA – 1 (WTOP-FM, 09/04/2009)
New General Manager for DC WASA – 2 (WTOP-FM, 09/04/2009)
WASA Gets a New Boss (WAMU-FM, 09/04/2009)
D.C. Environmental Chief to Lead WASA (Washington Post, 09/04/2009)
D.C. Environmental Chief George Hawkins Tapped to Head WASA (Washington Business Journal, 09/04/2009)
George Hawkins to Lead Water and Sewer Authority (Washington City Paper, 09/04/2009)
Citizens, Officials Call for Tougher Measures to keep Bay Cleanup on Track (Chesapeake Bay Journal, September 2009)
Recession a Boon for Bay (Baltimore Sun, 08/27/2009)
D.C. Considers Luring New Residents with Cash (DC Examiner, 08/21/2009)
Hothouse for Cool Ideas: Policy Greenhouse at George Washington University (PlanetForward, August 2009)
D.C. Receives Almost Nine Million Dollars in Energy Stimulus Funds (WAMU-FM, 08/18/2009)
D.C. Gets $8.8M in Energy Stimulus Funds (Washington Business Journal, 08/18/2009)
A Green Home in Hillcrest (East of the River, August 2009)
Going Green – Episode 25 (Voice of America TV, 08/11/2009)
D.C. is Giving Green to Go Green – On Your Roof (NewsChannel 8, 08/05/2009)
Lawmakers Urge Renewal of Chesapeake Bay Program (DC Examiner, 08/04/2009)
Green Consumer (National Wildlife, June/July 2009)
George Hawkins on the District Dish (July 2009)
George Hawkins on the Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU-FM, 7/27/2009)
Forum Hosted by GW and Councilmember Mary Cheh Features Ideas for Addressing DC’s Environmental Challenges (George Washington University, 07/10/2009)
Green Summer Job Corps Kicks Off (WAMU-FM, 06/26/2009)
Green Jobs for a Green Future: Weatherization (The White House, 06/24/2009)

George Hawkins on NewsTalk (NewsChannel 8, 06/17/2009)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

D.C. to Reduce Rock Creek Pollution (Washington Business Journal, 06/03/2009)
Green Technology Yields Economic Growth (CBS Evening News, 05/10/2009)
D.C. Wins Grant to Buy Alternative-Fuel Vehicles (Washington Business Journal, 05/07/2009)
Fenty Unveils Green Agenda (Washington Business Journal, 04/22/2009)
Live Chat with George Hawkins (Greater Greater Washington, 04/21/2009)
Health Agency Covered Up Lead Harm (, 04/10/2009)
DC Aims to Control Stormwater (Washington Business Journal 04/06/2009)
George Hawkins on NewsTalk (NewsChannel 8, 03/31/2009)
State Capitol to Darken for Earth Hour (Heber Springs, Arkansas Sun-Times, 03/27/2009)
America’s Largest Estuary in Poor Health (Voice of America, 03/26/2009)
Fenty Promises No Repeat of Summer Jobs Problems (WRC-TV, 03/24/2009)
RiverSmart (WUSA-TV, 03/18/2009)
Washington, DC to Go Dark for Earth Hour 2009 (Huffington Post, 03/09/2009)
Region’s Buildings are 4th Greenest in U.S. (Washington Post, 03/09/2009)
DC Angling for Stimulus Grants (DC Examiner, 03/05/2009)
So What’s a Green Job, Anyway? (CNBC, 02/26/2009)
DC Offers Grants for Solar, Wind Power Projects (Associated Press, 02/25/2009)
Study Finds Underground Gas Spill of 20 Years Ago Poses Less Risk (DC Examiner, 02/22/2009)
Your Old TV May Harbor Dangerous Lead (WTOP-FM, 02/12/2009)
Stimulus Would Boost, Not Fix DC Budget Gap (Washington Business Journal, 02/11/2009)
Elgin Sweeper Equipment Featured in 36th Anniversary of Clean Water Act (, 11/18/2008)
Water Issues Seen as Likely Priority Under Obama (Greenwire, 11/12/2008)
D.C. Looking to Tackle Pollution, Storm Water Runoff (NewsChannel 8, October 29, 2008)
Stars of the Future (Washington Diplomat, 10/2008)
DC Expands Recycling Program (WAMU-FM, 10/06/2008)
Greening the Economy (Medill Reports, 10/02/2008)
A Mandatory Sewage Plan in Search of Federal Funding (Washington Post, 09/26/2008)
The Green Summer Experience (Trilogy, 09/02/2008)
DC Weighing Options As Plan for Energy Auction May Falter (DC Exmainer, 08/24/2008)
DC Schools Offer “Green Collar” Classes (Washington Times, 08/21/2008)
DC Asking Residents to Join Energy Auction (DC Examiner, 07/30/2008)
Program Offers Cheaper Electric Rates for DC Residents (WTOP-FM, 07/30/2008)
School Goes Green (Washington Times, 07/25/2008)
Climate Report Sets Goals and Urges Lifestyle Changes (Washington Post, 07/20/2008)
Green Consumer (National Wildlife, 06/2008)
More Parks Tested After High Levels of Arsenic Close Fort Reno Park (WJLA-TV, 05/16/2008)
D.C. Forms Green Team to Charge Up its Eco-Efforts (Washington Business Journal, 04/18/2008)
Local Leaders Take Green Message to Capitol Hill (Washington Business Journal, 04/17/2008)
Major Oil Spill Contaminates Potomac River (WTOP-FM, 12/21/2007)
On the Potomac, Swimming in Risk (Washington Post, 07/14/2007)
Renewing Our Cities to Save Our State (Newark Star-Ledger, 02/21/2007)
Pulling a Fast-Track One (, 08/11/2004)
NJ Future Head to Take Environmental Job in D.C. (04/18/2007)
Hawkins Named to Lead New Jersey Future (10/25/2004)

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