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I’d like to take a moment to draw your attention back to DC Water’s 2015 Annual Report . It was published a couple months ago and I hope many of you have had a chance to read it. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to do so!


I think this report is the best one we have produced in my 6 years at DC Water. That’s primarily because it shines the spotlight long and brilliantly on our most valuable asset, our people. The work they do on behalf of our customers is truly amazing, and the breadth of their knowledge, skills and accomplishments is awe-inspiring.


From the team that ensures our drinking water is clean and safe, to Korey Gray who stands up for local workers and companies to ensure they get a fair shot at jobs and contracts. There’s Syed Khalil in Finance whose constant concern is the affordability of our rates for customers. Haydée De Clippeleir represents the wealth of talent in our wastewater research department – another star of the Annual Report. I could go on and on!

There is another aspect of the Annual Report that I am very proud of – but that may not be readily apparent to you. This entire document – the design, the layout, the writing, the photography – was produced in-house by our gifted team in External Affairs. That impresses me to no end!


The norm for many organizations and companies is to farm this type of work out, often at great expense. In fact, that’s what we used to do here as well. But I would put this report – and other publications we’ve produced internally – up against just about anything I’ve seen recently from other enterprises. That’s not a knock against anyone else – but rather meant as a tribute to what’s possible when you have really creative people on your team.

Take a look. I hope you will agree. The 2015 Annual Report is available electronically on our website, or if you want a more complete appreciation of the quality if the report, we would be happy to mail you a printed copy – just email us at

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