The Bloggers Convene.

DC Water held a bloggers’ roundtable last night at the Bryant Street pump station. This was mainly an introduction and Q&A session, but the coverage started right away.

dc water blogger roundtable (Stroup Media)
June 17 dcwater blogger roundtable (imgoph)
Blog posts:
DC WASA now DC Water (Park View DC, 06/18/2010)
Storytime with George Hawkins: Lead Scares, Boiled Water Alerts, and DC Water as More Than a Utility (Washington City Paper, 06/18/2010)
DC Water’s George Hawkins looks to the future (We Love DC, 06/18/2010)
DC WASA is now DC Water (The Hill is Home, 06/18/2010)
Re-Introducing D.C. Water (DCist, 06/21/2010)

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