A Cleaner Water Act

I have often spoken about my twin convictions the Clean Water Act is both one of the great success stories of progressive government and also in dire need of an update.  Finally, I have published an article that explains my thoughts in that regard in the on-line journal Democracy, which outlines a practical approach to updating the statute to continue achieving cleaner water into the future while avoiding enormous expenditures for very marginal gains.  I like to think that the article is a relatively quick read, and fairly easy to review and understand.  I welcome any comments or thoughts in return!

By the way, I want to address directly the concern I have heard from some that any proposal to modify the Clean Water Act would open it to attacks by much harsher critics with much different motives.  Anyone in the country, and particular here in Washington, DC, is aware that  much of our political debate has been polarized, and that a discussion of ideas seems to be dominated from advocates coming from extreme positions.  I present this article not because I have a corner on wisdom, but am able to develop a set of practical ideas based on nearly 25 years in the water field from virtually every side (private, federal, state, non-profit, utility, academic).  Those of us with practical and rational ideas must step-up and add them to the marketplace or else the debate will continue to be dominated by the fringes.

A Cleaner Water Act (Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Winter 2013)

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  • I find the world ironic in regards of clean water for drinking and usage. In the first world countries, clean drinking water is threatened for sufficiency as pollutants from industrial areas and massive metropolis use is exhausting the source. In the third world countries, people die each year due to waterborne diseases. The time to enact massive change is now as we are nearing midnight.

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